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Philadelphia Meditation Center Inc

Upcoming Special Events

""Seeing Who You Really Are"
Richard Lang
October 21, 2016
7:30 PM to 9:30 PM
Philadelphia Meditation Center
8 East Eagle Road
Havertown, PA 19083     

Richard Lang

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A PMC Residential  Weekend Retreat
Friday- Saturday- Sunday
November 11, 12, 13, 2016
Letting Go. Letting Be. Being Free.
A Modern Approach to the Direct Awakening Teachings of Tibetan Buddhism:
Mahamudra and Dzogchen
Led by Scott McBride
To be held at
Saint Raphaela Center
616 Coopertown Road
Haverford, Pennsylvania

Scott McBride

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Insight Dialogue/Dhamma Contemplation Weekend
November 19/20 2016
Led by  Bhikkhu Sukhacitto and Mary Burns
To Be Held at
The Philadelphia Meditation Center
8 East Eagle Road
Havertown, PA  19083
Saturday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Sunday 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

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Philadelphia Meditation Center Schedule

25-Sunday-Dharma Discussion 4:30 6:30 PM
25-Sunday-Meditation 7:30 PM
27-Tuesday-Meditation 7:30 PM
28-Wednesday-Meditation and Recovery 7:30 PM
29-Thursday-Meditation 7:30 PM

1-Saturday-Afternoon Meditation Session 2-5 PM
2-Sunday-Meditation 7:30 PM
3-Monday-Book Discussion 7:30 PM
4-Tuesday-Meditation 7:30 PM
5-Wednesday-Meditation and Recovery 7:30 PM
6-Thursday-Meditation 7:30 PM
9-Sunday-Meditation 7:30 PM
11-Tuesday-Meditation 7:30 PM
12-Wednesday-Meditation and Recovery 7:30 PM
13-Thursday-Meditation 7:30 PM

14-Friday-Recorded Dharma Talk

15-Saturday Morning Extended Meditation
15-Saturday-Afternoon Meditation Session 2-5 PM
16-Sunday-Meditation 7:30 PM
17-Monday-Book Discussion 7:30 PM
18-Tuesday-Meditation 7:30 PM
19-Wednesday-Meditation and Recovery 7:30 PM
20-Thursday-Meditation 7:30 PM
21-FRIDAY Richard Lang
      "Seeing Who You Really Are: 7:30 -9:30 PM
23-Sunday-Dharma Discussion 4:30 6:30 PM
23-Sunday-Meditation 7:30 PM
25-Tuesday-Meditation 7:30 PM
26-Wednesday-Meditation and Recovery 7:30 PM
27-Thursday-Meditation 7:30 PM
29-Saturday- Shakuhachi Lessons
30-Sunday- Shakuhachi Lessons

1-Tuesday-Meditation 7:30 PM
2-Wednesday-Meditation and Recovery 7:30 PM
3-Thursday-Meditation 7:30 PM

4-Friday-Recorded Dharma Talk

5-Saturday Morning Extended Meditation
5-Saturday-Afternoon Meditation Session 2-5 PM

6-Sunday-Meditation 7:30 PM
7-Monday-Book Discussion 7:30 PM
8-Tuesday-Meditation 7:30 PM
9-Wednesday-Meditation and Recovery 7:30 PM
10-Thursday-Meditation 7:30 PM

11-13 Weekend Retreat Letting Go Letting be Being Free
      led by Scott McBrid
      at St Raphaela Center
13-Sunday-Meditation 7:30 PM
15-Tuesday-Meditation 7:30 PM
16-Wednesday-Meditation and Recovery 7:30 PM
17-Thursday-Meditation 7:30 PM
19-20 Insight Dialogue/Dhamma Contemplation
Led by Bhikkhu Sukhacitto and Mary Burns
20-Sunday-Meditation 7:30 PM
21-Monday-Book Discussion 7:30 PM
22-Tuesday-Meditation 7:30 PM
23-Wednesday-Meditation and Recovery 7:30 PM
24-Thursday-Meditation 7:30 PM
26-Saturday- Shakuhachi Lessons
27-Sunday- Shakuhachi Lessons
27-Sunday-Dharma Discussion 4:30 6:30 PM
27-Sunday-Meditation 7:30 PM

29-Tuesday-Meditation 7:30 PM
30-Wednesday-Meditation and Recovery 7:30 PM

"To be attached to a certain view
and to look upon other views as inferior,   
this the wise call a fetter
Shakyamuni  Buddha

          Meditation and Recovery
Sitting on the cushion, the next right step
Ongoing Weekly Meeting on Wednesday evenings
At The Philadelphia Meditation Center
Doors open at 7 pm
Meeting starts at 7:30 pm

Mindfulness is the path to the deathless;
Heedlessness is the path to death.
The mindful do not die;
But the heedless are as if dead already.
Dhammapada 21

Regular Sitting Practice:
Sittings are held in silence, on cushions or chairs.
The evening format includes
2 half-hour sitting sessions
separated  by a 15-minute walking meditation.
The Saturday morning format
consists of 45 minute sittings
and some walking, inside or outside.
Cleanup/clerical jobs follows for those who wish to stay.

Sunday, Tuesday  and Thursday
Center opens at 7 PM
Sitting from 7:30 to 8:45 PM

Saturday Morning
Once each  month 8-12 Noon
8:00 A.M.    Center  opens
8:30 - 9:00   Instruction for beginners   
or practice discussion
9:00 - 11:45    Sitting and walking
12 Noon Center Cleanup  (Thanks!)

Dharma Discussion Forth Sunday of Month
With Beth Adelson 4:30  to  6:30  PM

Saturday Afternoon Meditation
First and Third Saturday of the Month
From 2 to 5 PM
for Silent Sitting and Walking Meditation.
Meditators are welcome to participate
in all or a portion of the Session